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Ship’s Bell Clock Plaque Mounting Instructions

Ship’s Bell Clock Plaque Mounting Instructions If your clock is new, unpack the clock as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the clock is unpacked and setup…set it aside. You will need a screwhead from a #10 screw coming out from the wall about 4 – 5mm (see figure A) extruding from the wall just enough for the plaque to hug “snug” to the wall but not tight. Do not remove the sleeve away from the […]

Hermle 130 Series Movement Bell Strike Mantle Clock Instructions

Operating Instructions for Hermle Keywound Mantel clocks with Hour Count and Half Hour Strike Take the clock and key carefully from the packaging. Carefully remove the protective packing such as foam rubber, corrugated paper, rubber bands, etc. You will find these mainly where the hammers, and bells are located, inside the back of the clock. Open the front door and remove the plastic safety bushing from the winding hole. Save the packing in case the […]

Seiko QHN006GLH Anniversary Clock Instructions

Seiko QHN006GLH Anniversary Clock Instructions   After removing the clock from the carton, place the glass dome off to the side where it will not be accidentally broken. Carefully remove the top back gold cover by holding the dial with one hand while pulling back the small tab at the top of the back cover. This is where you set the time and install your time battery.       Install the single “AA” battery […]

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Customer Comments through 2018

Hi Rob, Thank you so much for your quick response. We do really like the clock so we will be keeping it. It’s on our kitchen wall and it looks really nice. Your website has such a great selection of clocks and overall we are happy with everything. I definitely will purchase more clocks from your store in the future. Thank you so much! Sandy A. Hi, We received the Hermle Barrister II Clock and […]

Retired Clocks – 2021 – 2023

The following is a list of clocks that are retired clocks and no longer available for 2021 – Retired Clocks for 2021- 2023 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ out of database Hermle Frieburg 41000 Quartz Cuckoo Clock      4-14-2023 Hermle Oliver 31016 Orange and Black Wall Clock      4-14-2023 Bulova C3760 Yarmouth Time, Temperature and Hygrometer Clock      4-14-2023 Bulova C4866 Providence Illuminated Wall Clock      4-14-2023 Illuminated World Time Clock      4-14-2023 Howard […]


HOWARD MILLER® Single Setting Knob QUARTZ ALARM CLOCK OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS   STARTING A battery is included with your clock. Open or remove the cover on the back of the clock. If the battery is already installed, remove the plastic strip which is included to preserve battery life in storage, or if the battery is packed separately, install the battery according to the (+) and (-)symbols in the battery holder. If the clock does not start, […]

Instructions for Hermle Wall Clocks with Mechanical Hour and Half-hour Strike Movement

Instructions for Hermle Wall Clocks with Mechanical Hour and Half-hour Strike Movement   1) Unpacking the clock. Carefully remove the clock from the packing. You should have a clock body, two weights, and a pendulum. Now…hang the clock body securely on the wall. 2) Transportation securing devices Carefully remove the protective packaging such as foam rubber from the bell and remove the polybag holding the chains. 3) Hanging the clock Hang up the clock so […]

Rhythm Small World Clock Operations

Rhythm Music – Motion Clock   Operations:   1. Insert batteries in the correct position into the battery holder. 2. Push the reset button located either on the back or the side of the clock. 3. Tum the hand setting knob on the back of the clock to set the time. 4. Close the battery cover(s). 5. To activate the hourly melody and motion, slide the ON//OFF switch located either on the back or the […]

New Farm House Wall Clocks Are Now Available

Match the unique style of your home to your budget with new Oversized Farm House Wall Clocks to transform the look of your room. These new clocks will feature distressed rustic textures and combinations of metal and other materials. This creates the classic look suitable for a farmhouse-inspired theme. All of these new farmhouse models include a “Quartz” high-torque movement designed to move the long hands of the clock. This eliminates the need for an […]

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