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Customer Comments in September 2013

From Our Customer Comments at The Clock Depot

Thank You Robert for the Pleasant Exchanges

Dear Robert,

Thank You Robert for the pleasant exchanges over the phone while deciding on this clock! I miss the personal contacts with dealers that we once had when placing orders by telephone. Book orders have become bland at customer service.

Thank you for the demonstration and I love the clock.

Anna B.

The Clock Arrived On Time

Dear Robert,

The clock arrived “on time,” day before yesterday, I believe. We had wall-to-wall ‘company’ for two days, and I didn’t open the box till this morning. The time on the clock was ‘right on’ with my kitchen clock. It definitely looks as if it is housing an alarm that I — and others — will be able to hear!
Thank you very much!

It Is Even More Beautiful In Person

Dear Robert:

I just wanted to let you know that I received the “Baxter” Howard Miller desk clock today.
It is even more beautiful in person!
Your promptness is greatly appreciated.
I also look forward to receiving the “Statesboro Clock” once available.
Thank you again.


Jodi Naar

Delivery went Great on the Curio

Thanks Robert,

Delivery and installation went great on the curio.

Jo G

Beautiful Time Piece And The Sound Is Excellent


Greetings Robert from Saint Francis University!

The Steeple clock arrived this afternoon. It is a beautiful time piece and the sound is excellent. I hope to do business with you again in the future.

Brother Dennis, TOR

Thank You So Much For Your Flexibility


Thank you so much for your flexibility in exchanging the clock for me.
I am very happy with the replacement.


I do appreciate your Assistance

Good Morning Robert……
the clock was received by Thomas –
thank you for handling this order in an excellent manner and I do appreciate your assistance…….
Nana C.

Thanks for the Speedy Service


Thanks for your speedy service!

Diane D.
Clocks – Fairfax, VA

 You are awesome from Palm Desert, CA

You are awesome. I didn’t think it would arrive that quickly. Easy website and service so far.
Teresa H.
Palm Desert, CA

Howard Miller Bergen 625-279