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Excellent customer service!


Thank you for your prompt attention and excellent customer service!

Robinson Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller Robinson Grandfather Clock

I love the clock,

thanks again!
Browns Mills, NJ
Robinson Grandfather Clock


*this grandfather clock is available for purchase and we offer free In-Home delivery anywhere within the cont United States. You may see all of the Grandfather Clocks here.

Truly Excellent Customer Service

We do promise to provide the finest customer service available. We began with a company design based on service and have expanded that concept over the last 13 years. We are now inventorying well over 1500 clocks that we individually inspect and adjust as needed for our customers instead of simply having the manufacturer ship the clock for us.

Our Floor Clocks go through the following procedures prior to delivery.

  1. Check all case joinery and hardware.
  2. Check movement position and alignment.
  3. Pendulum balance and length for accuracy in timing.
  4. adjust the beat of the clock
  5. moon-dial operation.
  6. chime point at the top of the hour is adjusted within 5 seconds.
  7. hand alignment
  8. Dial position
  9. adjustable leveler are oiled for easy adjustment in the home
  10. All clocks are run for several days to check accuracy of timing.

Our selections are “better than factory”.