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My standing as a son went up a few notches

Graham Bracket Clock
Robert…..just to let you know my parents received the clock yesterday and they were thrilled.  My standing as a son went up a few notches….so I’ll pass on the thank you!

David K.

Houston, TX  – Howard Miller Graham Bracket Clock


Could Not Stop Talking About It

Hi Robert-
Chuck and Joyce were over for dinner last night for a “surprise” birthday evening.
I won’t say party or bash – we’re all too old for that!
His 65th birthday isn’t until November 5th but I couldn’t stand not giving him the clock until then.
He was absolutely beside himself when we gave him the clock.
Could not stop talking about it and looking it over.
Another very very satisfied customer of The Clock Depot.
Thank you so much for all you have done, and I look forward to future business with you.

The Clocks are More Grandiose Than I Thought
Hi Robert!
Just wanted to thank you once again for all you’ve done helping me to get these great clocks. The forest scene is up and running, it plays three tunes on that huge cylinder.  Edelweiss, March in the Black Forest and  Holzhacker( the woodchopper).  I also found a small carved rabbit behind one of the rutting stag!  Not the easiest clock to hang, I managed not to drop it yet!  Looks awesome.
The second clock with the grouse, is more grandiose than I thought.  It has a commanding presence when hung.  Thank you for taping the leader for the pendulum, these three train auto beat movements are tough to set, if that isn’t done. ( I need 4 years of German to pronounce them) I found a more interesting 36 note music box that plays more unfamiliar tunes, have yet to switch out the music boxes.  I also put a larger 8″ wooden dial on the clock.  It looks even more impressive with that.  A very unique clock with a unique cuckoo call!
Again thank you for all you and your staff have done to help me with these.  Keep me in mind, if you run across any interesting cuckoo clocks. Just give a call or email.  I enjoyed chatting clocks and look forward to meeting you again, perhaps in your shop.

Thank you for the Amazing Service
Thank you for the amazing service.  It is quite refreshing.
Is there somewhere I can offer feedback to support your business?  I am happy to do so.
Robert – I really wanted to thank you and the manufacturer for the professional way.  I would highly recommend your firm to other folks in our community!  Again many thanks!
Curt B.

Hello Robert,

Many thanks for your quick and honesty email reply.So far this week it has worked flawlessly:).  I will keep your organization in mind if I should ever need a larger decorative clock, as I know you have some real beauties in your current inventory. Good luck Robert, and I wish you and your company continued success in all your endeavors.



Thanks, I am impressed with your customer service.  Coming from an organization that emphasized customer service I think I know a little about it and you are good.
G. Reed,  Arkansas
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Thank you, Robert!
Your customer service has been excellent from start to finish and is much appreciated.
Best wishes,


Received about a week ago. Wife loves it… I surprised her with it; she’s been wanting one for a while.
I set it up.
In any event… a HAPPY Customer.
Dennis Bayne



Thank you again for the exceptional service and exquisite clock

Hi Robert-

I wanted to thank you again for the exceptional service and exquisite clock.
My friend Chuck arrived shortly after you left and was just in awe of the clock and the time you took to help me.
We hung it later that afternoon and it’s been a real joy to have in my home.
The clock is keeping almost perfect time thanks to your taking the time to set it up and check it before delivery unlike so many ‘blind’ shippers.
My colleagues and friends all over the world ask me about it every day and enjoy hearing it chime when I’m on the many conference calls throughout the day.
Each and every time someone mentions it I am sure to mention the Pearson family and The Clock Depot.
I tell them not to go anywhere else, no matter where they reside, and that they may trust an established family owned business right here in NC.
You have more than won ALL of my future business.
It was a pleasure meeting you, and I look forward to stopping by your shop soon.
Warm regards,

Clock Is Gorgeous With No Picture Doing It Justice

  I just want to leave a comment…..I ordered and received in only 3 days, one of your “Endeavor” Hermle nautical clocks, and I am absolutely pleased and delighted with it  – and your service!  It’s obvious you care about your customers. The clock is gorgeous with no picture doing it justice.  Glad I took the “dive” now!  Thanks a million, and I will be ordering from you again in the future.
Kindest regards,

Dan C.
Stacy, MN

Clock arrived in Perfect Condition

Just a note to say thank you so very much…the gift arrived in perfect condition and is gorgeous (she sent me a picture)! I will definitely utilize your company whenever I want to send a clock as a gift…and maybe when I want to buy myself one toooooo!

So many thanks!
Susanna M.

Clocks, Dumfries, Va

Howard Miller Catalina 612-718 Weather StationA First Class Operation
Robert & joseph,

Just wanted to let you know I received the clock late Friday afternoon a few days ahead of schedule and I was very

impressed with its quality as well as the your attention to the order. That’s the way to run a first class operation.

Great job and THANK YOU!!!!
Mike P.

Very pleased with the look and quality


We received the Hermle Barrister II Clock and are very pleased with the look and quality. It will be a very special gift for my brother’s 50th birthday.

Thanks for the information you provided in order for me to select wisely.

Elizabeth Tutino

 Your customer service was excellent

Hello Robert.

Thank you.  If you might recall, I was the one who called and asked you to check if this clock had loose parts as the one I had ordered from appeared to be defective.  I really appreciate you taking the time to check the clock for me and I am glad I returned the one to and ordered the one from your company.   The clock has arrived and it is perfect for the gift-giving occasion that I need it for.

Your customer service was excellent and I just wanted to take the time to let you know that!

Julia M. G.

Duquesne University School of Law

Beautiful time-piece!

Dear Robert,

I picked up my clock on Monday.  I want to let you know that I think it is a beautiful time-piece!  I am looking forward to having it in my home!

All The Best,


 We love the Westminister chimes
Topic: Murray Mantel  Clock

Hi, Just wanted to let you know we received the Murray Triple Chime Harmonic Movement. We love the Westminister chimes. They are awesome!!

Very fast service and kept in touch with us. Thanks again and God Bless..

Christine J.

Muir , Michigan

You Did Everything That Was Possible For Me


Hello Joseph and Robert,Rhythm CRJ733UR06 Tuscany II Chiming Musical Mantel Clock
Just letting you know we received our Rhythm mantle clock a few days ago and we love it, it looks and sounds great.
Buying online can be difficult because you never know what kind of product or service you will receive.
Joseph, you did everything that was possible for me to feel comfortable with the choice that I made. I felt like I was almost in the store as you took care of my questions and my needs. If my wife and I are ever in the area we hope to stop by the store and see you and Robert, just to personally give our thanks (and maybe get another clock).

Thank you,

Hermitage, Pa

How happy we are with it!

Hello Robert,

My wife Lorraine and I wanted to let you know that after a while since it was originally bought, how happy we are with it!.. It is just the clock we wanted. It’s working fine, with the Westminster Chime, etc.

We again wanted to thank you for your help in sending us the correct clock as we saw in your website. When we need something else in the future we’ll know how to reach you.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and best of luck 2014 year.

I. Cohen

I’ll make sure to recommend your company

Hello Robert,

I’m glad you can notice the clock is different. I’m glad the clock you sent us is like it shows in the ad, especially with the burl wood. We’re glad we have the correct clock now.

Thank you again and if we know of anyone looking for clocks I’ll make sure to recommend your company.

Have a very happy holidays season!

Israel C.

Received my order in record time

Dear Robert,

I did receive my order in record time. Thank you sooooo very much!

Karen B.

Pleasure doing business with youHoward Miller Cleo 625-500 Chiming Wall Clock


I had purchased the Howard Miller Cleo clock. Robert was very kind in updating when it would ship, and I really appreciated that.
The clock is just beautiful we have it hanging on the wall and already we have received compliments on it.

Thank you, it was a pleasure doing business with you.


Core , WV

I Love It

The clock arrived and I just got it set up. I love it.

Happy holidays.

Rebecca G.
Hartsdale, NY

The clock is such a great gift!

Hi Robert,

It is a pleasure doing business with you, and the Christmas clock is such a great gift!

Merry Christmas.

Gail T.

Excellent customer service


Thank you Robert! Excellent customer service.

Best regards,

Joe N.
South Gate,

We will purchase more clocks from your store in the future

Hi Robert,

Thank you so much for your quick response. We do really like the clock so we will be keeping it. It’s on our kitchen wall and it looks really nice.

Your website has such a great selection of clocks and overall we are happy with everything. I definitely will purchase more clocks from your store in the future.

Thank you so much!
Sandy A.

Howard Miller Andrea Clock arrived and we love it

The Clock arrived and we love it – the chime is lovely – Thank you

R. Lien
Menomonie, MN

Howard Miller Andrea 635-144 Chiming Clock


My wife loved the clock I gave her for Christmas.
Thanks so much.

John S.
Pittsford, NY
Seiko Mantel Clock


Not only do I love my new clock (it really is silent!), but I’m impressed by your quick, no-nonsense service and the fact that the packaging was no more than the minimum required and all was recyclable.



Clocks – North Ferrisburgh, Vermont

Alarm Clocks

Ramsey Grandfather ClockRobert,

My Howard Miller clock arrived a couple of days ago.

It is beautiful and is working well.

Congratulations for offering such a fine product and even better service.


Your response was impressive

Hi Robert,
I want to follow up on a long-awaited response I should have sent you some time ago.  I ordered the clock (order attached below) and had to send it back to you for some work.  I want to let you know that since I’ve had to clock back (and it’s been a couple of years now!) it has been working and keeping GMT time accurately.  It’s a lovely accent piece over my fireplace, and I have had no problems with it since you fixed it.  You took back the clock with no questions, fixed it quickly, and I had it back in my home in a matter or a week or two.  Your response was impressive.

Thank you!
Kathy M.

Thank you again for all of your help

Good Morning!

I wanted to let you know that the clock DID get here on time. In fact, it got here at 3:10 on Friday afternoon, and I was leaving at 3:30. I even had time to un-package it and gift wrap it!
Thank you all for your help.
Have a Great day!
Danica G.
Manchester, MO

It is in great shape, and truly wonderful


The clock arrived today. It is in great shape, and truly wonderful.
Thank you again for all of your help in getting my wife a new clock.

Tom W.

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