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Grandfather Clock Care for anyone who owns a grandfather clock

Grandfather Clock Care


How do I prolong the life of my Grandfather clock?
Usual care for grandfather clocks is to have the clock oiled about every five years. Oiling the clock takes expertise by removing the hands and dial so the front of the movement can be accessed to apply the special types of oils used to reduce the friction in your grandfather clock. Most quality new grandfather clocks will run about 20+ year if you set one up and never maintain it, but oiling every few years may make the clock last a lifetime (or two).

What should I do if I need to move my grandfather clock?
Get a professional or clock technician to at least pack the grandfather clock for you prior to moving. When a grandfather clock is packed properly, you may move it like any other piece of furniture. If the chains come off the sprockets or the cables tangle and cross, the grandfather clock will not run when you get it to your new home. The cost of having someone pack it for you will most probably outweigh the cost of repair of the grandfather clock.

How do I clean my grandfather clock?
Clean the case of your grandfather clock by using a slightly damp (not wet) soft cloth and light cover the surfaces with the grain of the wood. Do not use a silicone based polish as this may make the silicone in the polish break down the lacquer and you may not be able to refinish or touch up the finish later. If you must use a polish, use Old English or Guardsman products that do not contain any silicones. To clean the glass on your grandfather clock, use a clean paper towel and spray your glass cleaner on the towel, not on the glass…then wipe the glass free of dust and fingerprints. You may use a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside bottom of your grandfather clock, but do not use a blower attachment as this might blow dust and debris into the grandfather clock movement. If you need to clean behind the grandfather clock, slowly move the base away one corner at a time and do not let the pendulum or the weights to swing wildly as this may damage the timekeeping of the clock by twisting the suspension spring on the pendulum and the weights may get dented.

How do I set the time properly on my grandfather clock?
Setting the time on most grandfather clocks is done by moving the minute hand BACKWARDS, counter-clockwise until the proper time is displayed on the dial. For a complete primer on how to change the time, please click:
how to change the time on a grandfather clock

I need grandfather clock service and do not know anyone in my area.
There is a complete listing of grandfather clock technicians listed by state at:

Any of these technicians are authorized by Howard Miller and should be able to help.

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