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Grandfather Clock Chimes the Wrong Hour?

This is a quick way to fix that incorrect hour count on your mechanical grandfather clock chimes the wrong hour.

For example, let’s say it is really 2:00 and your clock chimes 5 times to count the hour.
Your grandfather clock dial says it is one time but the grandfather clock chimes another hour?
There is a simple fix for this issue if your grandfather clock is striking the wrong hour.

1) When your grandfather clock strikes the next hour, count the number of strikes.
2) Move only the shorter hour hand to the number on the dial that you just counted when the clock chimed.
(If your hour hands don’t want to move, be careful as not to bend it. It is held on only by friction and if never moved before, it may be frozen on the shaft**)
The clock chime is now in sync with the hour count…but the time on the dial is now wrong.
3) Set the time on the grandfather clock using the minute hand to the correct time where you are located.

Now your clock is chiming properly indicating the correct hour.
If many grandfather clocks are allowed to wind down so the weights are on the bottom and the grandfather clock pendulum stops, this may happen.
During the first hour after completing this procedure, the quarter-hour chimes may do strange sequences. Don’t worry, as it should correct itself in about an hour of operation.

**Your hour hand will probably move somewhat easily, however, if it feels stuck try the following.  Instead of trying to move the hour hand with a finger at the end of the hand, pinch the hand as close as you can get to the shaft that holds the hand on.  Try to move it back and forth without bending the hand. It should free up so you may easily move it. Never spray in lubricants like WD40 in this area.


We have additional information on this topic which may help as well as a video if your grandfather clock is off only a few minutes either way.

more here:

Grandfather Clock Doesn’t Chime the Correct Time



140 responses on Grandfather Clock Chimes the Wrong Hour?

  1. I realize this is a post that is rather long, but it saved me a service call. My clock was off not just by an hour but by an hour and 3 quarters after having the chimes silenced for more than 2 years. I had to play with the hour hand and the minute hand to get everything back in sync.

    I never would have figured it out without your help.

    1. Hi Bill,
      Glad this worked for you and saved you a service call. Now you can enjoy your chimes on your grandfather clock again.
      Robert Pearson

    2. This helped me a lot as well! I got my grandfather clock passed down to me and we moved cross country so we had to take the weights and pendulum off and when I got it back the clock was all out of whack I was so upset until I read your article and saw how simple it was thank you so much 🙂

      1. My grandfather clock chimes 10 times at 9:30. But does not chime 10 times at10 clock. Please help.

  2. Thank you for the help with my clock.
    It fixed the problem. Im very impressed with you guys
    Great site. you are now a favorite.

  3. My clock chimes the wrong hour. When I perform your instructions above, it seems to correct itself, but then falls back to the wrong number of chimes again after a short while. It is only off by an hour. If it chimes once too many, I perform your instructions and it seems to correct. However after a short while, it then chimes one chime too short. Ugh – any suggestions?

    1. Hi Julie, Sometimes it will happen once, then repeat the instructions above and it may keep chiming correctly. If it is chronic, this can happen on the chime side of the clock movement which has not been cleaned and oiled in several years. Good Luck…Robert

  4. Thank you! My mom warned me never to set the clock without waiting for the chimes at every half hour. She said I’d get the chimes out of sync. I followed those instructions for 35 years. Then, in a hurry one day, I set the clock without stopping for the chimes. I found out, of course, that mom was right. I never dreamed it would be so easy to get them back in sync. I know now not to get them out of sync again.

  5. We purchased a used Howard Miller grandfather clock a couple days ago. It keeps time accurately but the hourly chimes are stuck on twelve. I have tried every hint and trick found on online and none have fixed the problem. Any ideas?

    1. Hi…this is common when the owner turns off the chime for long periods of time. The chime side and hour count side of the movement become practically frozen or sluggish so the grandfather clock will not chime. Solution is to have a tech take out the movement and clean it by immersing the movement in an ultra-sonic vat with a special cleaner made for clocks. After the grime is gone and the clock movement is fully dry, it may be oiled properly and it should work again if no parts in this area are excessively worn or bent.

      1. Hello,

        I have a Bulova grandfather clock that we purchased from an antique store. What happens is that the clock chimes the number of bells on the 1/2 hour. I tried to move the hands to get it back to chime on the hour and I don’t seem to be able to. I’ve tried to rush past the the 1/2 and 3/4 hour chimes to the hour chime to get it to chime correctly and it will do so for that first chime, but then during the next hour it will go back to chiming the hours on the 1/2 hour mark. Any suggestions?


        John P.

        1. Your minute hand is in the wrong position.
          On the half hour, loosen the hand at the front of the minute hand and move it counter-clockwise to remove it. Don’t lose it as it is small. The minute hand then may be removed by pulling it away from the clock face. Flip it 180 degrees and re-install it by hand twisting the nut clockwise until hand tight…then an 1/8 turn clockwise with a pair of pliers. This is all you need to do to make the correction.

  6. Our clock is chiming one hour less than actual. Is it OK to move hour hand counter clockwise? Or should we move it clock wise 11 hours? Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi…You need to move the hour hand to the correct position next time the clock chimes. You may move the hour hand in either direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise) as it is held onto the shaft by friction. Move it whichever way is the closest to the correct hour. That will correct it! Thanks, Robert

      1. To adjust the hour hand and then set it to the right time with the minute hand , do you have to stop the pendulum? or the pendulum should keep moving while you are moving the hands?

        1. Hi Angel…It is fine for the pendulum to stay in motion while you are adjusting the hands. It will not affect it either way.

  7. Thank you so much!! Our clock was not working for a few years. Finally got it working , but it was chiming 3 hours behind actual time. I sat here for 3 days, trying to figure this out on my own. Did exactly as instructed, clock is now chiming on time.

  8. My grandmother clock chimes on the quarter hour and the minute hand and chime is in sync for the Westminster chimes. The hour chime is correct but strikes at 15 minutes past the hour. Can you make suggestions for this 15 minute hour chime offset


    Alan T

    1. Hi…If your clock is chiming 15 minutes off all of the time, you may correct it by removing the minute hand and repositioning the minute hand to the correct position.

      1) Wait for the clock to strike the hour and count the hour regardless of what the hands indicate.
      2) Stop the pendulum.
      3) Carefully remove the small nut, a remove the minute hand.
      4) Reattach the hand so it points straight up.
      5) Attach the hand nut finger tight, then an additional 1/8 turn.


      This will be a 100% solution for you.

  9. My grandfather clock does the chimes on the quarter hour okay and most times the hour count is correct, then it counts the hour count wrong. This will be out of the blue. Then other times it counts the hour until the weight goes All the way down. Can you tell me how to fix that.

    1. Hi Pat,

      This sounds like an area that is not user repairable. The old oils become more like glue than oil when they decompose and get dirty. Your chime hammers on the hour count (left) side are trying to move through the sludge of the old oils. The clock should be oiled or cleaned and oiled every 5 – 7 years. I would suggest finding a technician and treat the grandfather clock to a good cleaning and oiling and I bet it will be fine.

      Good Luck,

      1. Thank you. We will have to take it back to the repair shop for the third time, which is 3 hours away. Was hoping we could do it ourselves as they said it was just an adjustment. They cleaned it the first time.

  10. i just reset my clock to sych. my hour chimes to the hour then reset the correct time and started the clock now its a waiting game. I’ll post again in 12 hrs. i hope it works. this is the best web site i found very informative and user friendly thank you.
    Its 5 hrs. later my clock is keeping time and chiming at the correct time. What would we do without the web. Read more books right. Thank you so much your site is now bookmarked

    1. We just had delivered a Sligh grandfather clock purchased by the original owner in 1989. It came with all the original paperwork and manual. We bought it at an estate sale/consignment shop. They delivered it, leveled and set it up for us. However at One O’clock, it chimed six times. After reading about this issue on your site, I was able to correct it myself without much effort. Thanks!

  11. Thank you for such a helpful site! I inherited my mom’s grandfather clock, which she hadn’t had running for a while. I adjusted the hands as per your instructions and all was well until this morning when it began chiming 13 times at every hour. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Chris,
      Unfortunately this is not a user adjustment. We usually see this happen when a part inside the clock (the rack) hangs up due to old oil which has gummed up the movement. There are also a few other areas that could cause this to happen. I would suggest getting a good clock technician to clean and oil it or at least oil the movement and this would probably remedy the issue. If it is being cause by a lack of fresh oil, it means something else is not too far behind that could fail. Clocks really need to be cleaned and oiled every 5 – 7 years to keep them in good shape.
      Thank You! Robert

  12. awesome. I just did it and it worked perfectly. I have been fooling around with a small screwdriver and dials on the back off and on to no avail for many months.. thanks..

  13. Question to your post… if you chime is set to silent, do you still need to wait at every quarter and half hour when correcting the chime and time are not correct/same…?

    1. If you set your chime on silent, you will not need to stop at each quarter hour on most clocks. When you turn your chime back on later, it may take an hour or so for the clock chime to sync again so it will be playing at the correct time.


  14. This is good advice when a clock is out of sync but my 18th century clock strikes correctly at all times other than 12 o’clock when it strikes only twice. Should I still carry out your instructions or or would it make matters worse?

    1. Hi Nigel, This procedure will not correct your clock as your problem is different. It might be time to have it serviced and correct the problem usually in the rack.

  15. Many thanks for this. It was serviced only six months ago. Perhaps I’ll live with it like this for a while then get somebody to look at it.

    1. This sounds like an older clock and the hour hand may be frozen on the shaft. I would suggest holding it as close to the shaft as possible and try to turn it either way being careful not to bend the hand itself. It should break free.
      Good Luck,

  16. Hi,
    I have a Tempus Fugit Grandmother clock, it chimes the Hour on the half.
    What can I do to adjust it?

    1. What you need to do wait for the hour to count and then stop your pendulum. Take off the hand nut holding the minute hand on. Reverse the position of the hand so it is pointing to the 12:00 position and place the hand nut back on….hand tight, then an 1/8 turn with plyers. This will correct it for you.
      Good Luck,

  17. This is such a common faulty mechanism in old grandfather clocks. Your advice on syncing up the small hand with number of clock chimes is smart. However, if the small hand does feel frozen or stuck, I would definitely suggest seeing a professional repairer.

  18. Thanks so much for this information. Worked like a charm. Tried all day to get the chimes to match the hour, stopped the clock, moved the clock back etc. Finally decided to google it! Thanks again

  19. You are a legend mate!! All fixed, I thought it’ll be complicated but that took literally nothing!! And here I was reserving a whole day to fix it.

  20. Just acquired my new (used) grandfather clock! I finally figured how to set times and get working properly. 2 chimes at 8 so I followed your instructions and my clock is ding- donging correctly now. Thank you.

  21. Okay … here’s the thing: my wall hung chiming clock had not struck hour since I got it and although I really enjoyed the tick tock, it became annoying to hear all different hours being struck. So … it had not been wound in about a year. I got it going again today and it was still not striking the hour correctly … and it was still annoying. Went online, tried your remedy and voila! It’s perfect! I now have that gentle reminder of my Uncle Charlie’s home back again … he was my Grandfather’s brother and I adored him and his devine collection of clocks … and the sound … almost as soothing as his Scottish brogue. Thank you.

  22. Thank you for this info did not have to call the store where I bought the grandfather clock it was 3 hours off on the chime. This was such a simple fix thanks again.

  23. Thank you very much for the great advice! Fixed my clock and now we can enjoy the chimes again ❤

  24. Thanks so much for the fix on aligning the chimes to the correct time! Have had my Westminster mantle clock for over 40 years (it was my Mom’s retirement gift & she’s been gone for 29 years!). I’m so thrilled that I was able to get it back on track, with your help!

  25. Thank you very much for your help. My My grandfather’s clock was off one hour and it just happened to strike the top of the hour chime as I was finishing reading your advice. I carefully moved it hour hand back an hour, then reset the time. Now it works like it has for many years.

    Thanks again

  26. You are a genius! Thank you so much for knowing how to do this! I just placing my clock into service after 6 years of inactivity. Now the chimes are in sync with the time. You blessed me big time with this help.

  27. My father in law built many clocks from Emperor Clock kits back in the 80’s. Ours has started chiming 12 on 9, 10, 11, and 12. Rest of the hours are correct. Quarter hour chimes are dead on. Not sure how long it’s been doing it, as we don’t “hear” it or listen to it since it’s been around 35 years. Perusing your site tells me maintenance is in order. Is it something I can do, or need call a professional? Know it’s never been cleaned by a pro, and most likely 15 years since last oiling.

      1. Thank you.

        Your repair center locator takes me to a personal friend’s shop.

        Know it will be in good hands. 🙂

  28. When I bought my clock, the man inside store showed me how to make the clock go through the entire melody only on the hour. I could turn off the chime for every quarter. I had it serviced (cleaned n oiled) and it has stopped doing that now. Any idea on how I can activate that feature again.

    1. Hi Gloria,
      I have not seen a clock where you could get the chime melody (ie: Westminster) play only on the hour and then count the hour. There are some models where you can get the hour count to play on the hour without the Westminster melody playing on the hour and quarter hour. This is done by setting the lever where you choose your melody (usually located on the right side of the dial) to silent or off. Then set the lever on the left to chime strike. This works on the upper end, newer clocks. It may also work on yours. Good Luck..Robert

  29. My clock had been sitting about two years didn’t know how to fix the striking on it that was off I tried this an with your help its all back on time thanks so much.

  30. I wound my clock by pulling the chains the same way I have for years. The clock wont chime now and the two outer weights don’t move and the clock does not chime. It does tic just fine. Should I just leave it and see if it corrects itself?

    1. Hi Patricia, The chimes may start playing on their own. If they do not, move the minute hand backward about 2 hours. Then move the minute hand forward (clockwise) a quarter hour at a time and you should hear a “click” on each quarter hour. If the chimes start to play…let them complete and then go to the next quarter hour until you get to the correct time. This may work for you.
      Good Luck,

  31. I can’t thank you enough my grandfather clock did not chime for over a week and nothing would get it to go and finally when it did for a very short time the time was not correct with the hour your instructions were wonderful it’s working and I am extremely grateful thank you for the excellent advice.
    Your instructions were absolutely perfect very good to understand and very very much appreciated thank you the clock that has been in the family for over 20 years is working now thanks to you

  32. Who would have thought it was that easy. Adjusted the clock for GMT from BST and found I couldn’t wind the clock backwards. So went all the way around really quickly without allowing the chimes to ring. After this, I noticed the chimes were an hour out. When it was 14:00 it chimed once etc.

    Thank you for this easy fix…

  33. We just got a Waterbury Medina 8 day clock. We got the time set along with the chimes. It is keeping correct time, however at 9:30. The clock chimes 10 and at 10 it chimes once, the chimes are then off by 30 minutes. This has happened both last night and again this morning. Why does this happen and what do we need to do to correct it.

      1. I think I should have specified it was keeping the correct time and the chimes were correctly chiming all day until it hit 9:00. Then at that time it threw the chimes ahead by 30 minutes. So at 9 and it chimed once then at 9:30 it chimed 10 times and has been off since.

  34. Hi Shari,
    We got a German grandfather clock for over 20 years and it work perfect, until now, the clock hourly sound only work with 1 strike. The 2,3,4-12, all houly strike only one. The time , the quarter and haft hour melody all work fine.

    1. Hi Pedro, The hour count side (left side) of your movement has either a bent, sluggish or jammed rack or snail. The hands, dial, and front fascia have to come off the clock to get to it, so it is really not a user fix. This happens when it cant move from hour step to hour step. You really need a tech to correct this. Good Luck…Robert

  35. Just another satisfied reader. Pasted down family Howard Miller Grand Father clock 1978. Was chiming the wrong hr, fixed now with ease thanks to your page, my wife will be so much happier now that her parents clock is toning the correct hr. ;)))

    Thank you
    Garry Randles

    1. Hi Ken, your minute hand needs to be removed and placed in the correct position when the clock strikes the hour. You need to refer to the following page and look at the instructions toward the bottom of the page.

      If Your Clock Is Chiming Exactly 15 or 30 Minutes Off
      1) Wait for the clock to strike the hour and count the hour regardless of what the hands indicate.
      2) Stop the pendulum.
      3) Carefully remove the small nut, a remove the minute hand.
      4) Reattach the hand so it points straight up.
      5) Attach the hand nut finger tight, then an additional 1/8 turn.

      This should work for you.

  36. I got this clock when my mother died and have trouble getting to ring at the right time
    it chimes once at the half hour and chimes at the hour what time it is like 8 times for 8 o’clock

    right now it chimes once on the hour and 8 times on the half hour

    1. Hi Devon…There are many clocks that count the hour on the hour and then strike once on the half. If your clock is backwards where it is only striking once on the hour and counts on the half hour, you need to remove the minute hand and turn it around so it is pointing 180 degrees. Then set your time and the clock should operate properly. This should work for you. Good Luck..Robert

  37. My cllock strikes the wrong hour. For example, when it is 10:00, the clock strikes 12:00, etc. What should I do?

    1. Hi Suzanne…If your clock is a grandfather clock that you wind with a key or pull chains down once a week, the instructions above will work for you. Let’s use your example:
      the clock hands indicate 10:00, but the clock strikes 12:00.
      Move the hour hand (the small one) to the 12:00 position and your clock chimes will be correct and in sync.
      Set your time as you always do to the correct time using your minute hand and you are done.
      Good Luck…Robert

  38. My grandfather clock is short by one chime on hours 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12; however, it chimes correctly on hours 1-7. For example, at 7 o’clock it chimes 7 times. At 8, it chimes 7 times, at 9, 8 chimes and so on. It has worked fine for years; but just recently began dropping a chime on the 8-12th hours. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Michelle,
      If your clock chimes the hour erratically or the same every time, it is an indication of improper oiling / cleaning or a bent lever inside. These are not user corrections as the hands, dial and other parts have to be removed to reach that area.
      You will need a technician to repair as it is not an adjustment. You may find a list of technicians in your area at:
      They will be able to fix this for you.
      Thank You,
      Robert Pearson

    1. Hi Lyllian…It looks like you saved yourself a service call for your grandfather clock hour count and it was only a simple adjustment. I am glad we were able to help….Robert

  39. Thanks so much, now my clock is working perfectly……and your instructions were easy to follow.

    1. Thank You Angela, We are glad this easily correctly your grandfather clock. It is an easy correction.

  40. I have a tempus fugit. Quarter hours are chiming accurately, but the strikes for the hour are not sounding.

  41. I just purchased a Ridgeway Mantel clock with a Franz Hermle 1050-020 movement at an estate sale. It has multiple chimes and chimes the 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 hour, but on the hour it chimes 2 hours slow. I am tempted to just move the hour hand up 2 hours but not sure if this is ok. Any advice?

    1. Hi Bill..This is a mantel clock where you may move the hour hand to match the number of the hour count. Sometimes the hour hand can get frozen or very hard to turn on the shaft, so be careful as not to bend the hand when turning it. Good Luck..Robert

    1. Hi Jackie…You can move the hour hand alone by itself either way. It is simply held on by friction. If it seems stuck, be careful not to bend the hand. You want to move it pointing to the hour that has just counted the hour. Good Luck…Robert

  42. My grandfather clock is striking more than 60 times before it finally stops. The striker weight falls way below the other 3 weights. How do I fix this with it striking so many times? Not sure what hour to move the small hand.

    1. Hi Teresa..the rack and snail on your clock is stuck or jammed. This is common if the clock has not been cleaned and oiled in a long time. You have to remove the hands, dial and maybe the dial fascia to get to this area. Sometimes you can get it to stop by taking off the left weight while it is on the hour count and quickly reinstall it. If that works it will probably do it again shortly after. I would suggest having a local tech correct this for you. Good Luck…Robert

  43. My Miller grandfather clock works fine except that it chimes about 2 minutes before the appropriate time. Is there an adjustment for this?

  44. Hello, I have a german clock. I have it working well except. It is striking on the hour correctly. ie 12 o’clock strikes 12 times but on the quarters it also strikes 12 times quarter past, half past and quarter to. and do this for each hour. again at 1 o’clock strikes on the quarters once. I have oiled. Can you help please. Regards Jacqueline

    1. Hi Jacqueline,
      If your clock chimes the hour erratically or the same every time, it is an indication of improper oiling / cleaning or a bent lever inside at the rack. These are not user corrections as the hands, dial and other parts have to be removed to reach that area. There are two parts called a rack and snail which may also be bent, jammed or stuck that cause your issue.

      You will need a technician to repair as it is not a user adjustment. You may find a list of technicians in your area at:

      They will be able to fix this for you.

      Thank You,
      Robert Pearson

  45. Hi Michael,
    The hour hand of your grandfather clock is simply held on by friction on the shaft. It may be moved either way so it is indicating the hour count that the clock movement counts. The Bulova instructions are trying to say that you do not set the clock by the hour hand, but it is fine to move it where it needs to be. If the hour hand is loose you can push it on a little further and it might tighten up. If not, take it off and slightly crimp the bushing and repeat until it is tight on the shaft.
    Good Luck,

  46. Recently my Howard Miller clock has started chiming an excessive number of times on the hour, ie this morning at 8:00 am it chimes 18 times. I noticed a couple days ago that the left weight was falling at the same speed as the center. We just inherited the clock a year ago and had it fully serviced. It is working fine aside from this. Suggestions?

    1. Hi Heather…The hands and dial would have to be removed to get to the area (the rack area) that can cause this to happen on your grandfather clock. It is stuck, jammed or bent. This may be a simple adjustment or it could be from wear. This happens often on older grandfather clocks. I would suggest having the tech who serviced it before take a look at it. It is not an area that is user serviceable.
      Good Luck,

  47. I have a Sligh Grandfather clock model 0961-1-AN. It’s a wind up clock with 3 pendulums with cords that wind up. I’ve had at least 2o years and the weights ALWAYS dropped at the approximate same rate, meaning all three were fairly level when looking at them.

    For the past 6 months, two weights fall faster (middle & right weight when facing clock). So, the left weight is about 8″ higher than the two to the right. I’m pretty sure the left weight is for the movement not the chimes. Clock still works fine, but it really bothers me that the weights are no reasonably close in height as they drop. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Jay, The Sligh Grandfather clock is a great clock. I wish they were still being made. The three weights each have their own job. On all grandfather clocks, The weight on the right powers the chime melody which is usually a Westminster melody or some grandfather clocks will add two additional chime melodies that may play. The weight in the middle powers the clock and the weight on the left powers your hour count. If you have your clock set to play 24 hours, all three weights lower at about the same rate day after day. If you turn off all chime functions, the weights on the left and right do not move and only the weight in the middle will drop.
      You mention your left weight is not dropping as fast as the other two on your grandfather clock. This means your hour count is not completing its cycle. For example, it may miss a chime altogether or maybe it counts twice at 8:00. If you listen out for the hour count over the course of a day, you will hear missing counts. This is usually due to an area called the “rack and snail” which are responsible for how many times the clock strikes on the hour. It is either jammed, bent or sluggish due to the clock not being cleaned and oiled. This is a job for a good tech and if you get your grandfather clock cleaned and oiled, I bet it will start counting the hour as it should and all weights will start dropping again at about the same rate.
      Good Luck…Robert

  48. Hi there,
    For some time now, our longcase grandfather clock has been striking the correct hours for 1-6 but from 7-12 it strikes two fewer strikes for each hour. As you have mentioned before, is the clock in need of cleaning and oiling by a technician or is this something we could correct ourselves?

    Many thanks in anticipation of your assistance.

    1. Hi Phil, If your clock chimes the hour erratically or the same every time, it is an indication of improper oiling / cleaning or a bent lever inside. Your clock striking the correct hours for 1-6, but from 7-12 it strikes two fewer strikes for each hour is clearly erratic. These are not user corrections as the hands, dial and other parts have to be removed to reach that area.
      You will need a technician to repair as it is not a user adjustment. You may find a list of technicians in your area at:

      They will be able to fix this for you.
      Thank You,
      Robert Pearson

  49. Thank you for your clear and concise instructions! I bought an old Gilbert clock at the Goodwill yesterday. Because of your help I was able to get it set up and working properly. It was even striking on the 1/2 hour but your instructions helped me to remedy the issue. Great post!

  50. Thank you so much, again! You are my go to page with my temperamental grandfather clock. You’ve never been wrong, Thank you so much

  51. We had our clock fully serviced recently and it has been working well. However, now every time it gets to 12.59 it stops, even though it is fully wound.
    If I manually move the minute hand so that it gets to 1’o clock, it strikes 9 times instead of 1. I have tried moving the shorter hand to 9’o’clock (clockwise) and then resetting the correct time using the minute hand. I can then get the pendulum going again and it works well striking all the correct hours until it gets to 12.59 and then it stops again. And the same thing happens. Is there anything obvious different I can do myself?

    1. Hi Andrew, A tech would need to open up the clock to fully diagnose what is going on with this one. Whan a grandfather clock is stopping at the same time every hour, you do want to check and make sure the minute or hour hand is not touching something on the dial which will stop the clock. We see the hour hand touching a second hand at the 12:00 position often. If that is the case, just move the hour hand away from the dial so it doesn’t touch and the clock will keep running. I hope it is as simple as that. If is time for a tech to look at it.
      Good Luck…Robert

  52. Hi there!

    My parents have a Sligh grandfather clock 0948-1-AN, we are trying to match the time to the chime but the hour hand doesn’t want to budge. The hand has never been moved before and we tried the tricks on how to move a stuck hand, but unsuccessfully. We are worried if this model perhaps doesn’t allow for the hour hand to move and we don’t want to hurt it! Any insights are appreciated!

    1. Hi Jenny,
      The hour hand on this clock was pressed on at the factory and held on by friction. It appears it is really stuck on the shaft on this grandfather clock. Once it releases, you will be able to move it. You always want to try to move it from as close to the shaft as possible from the hour hand grommet where it slides on the shaft. You could stop the pendulum, take off the nut holding the minute hand on and pull the minute hand off to better expose where the hour hand is slid on the shaft. Start your pendulum and move it whee it should be after it is able to move. It was originally made to move on the shaft, but some are tight.
      Be careful not to bend the hour hand.

      Good Luck,

  53. These questions and answers allowed me fix my grandfather clock myself. I called a local clock repairman and he wanted to charge me $100 just to come to my house. After two years my clock is working and sounding great. Thank you!

  54. I took your advice about my grandfather clock is chiming the wrong strikes. I think that your answer was correct. I was at a loss at what to do until I read your post!


  55. Thank you for helping me correct the incorrect hour chime on my Howard Miller clock.

    So good to have this precious inherited clock from my father working correctly.

  56. Just a big thank you. My grandmother clock stopped chiming, and ended time for no known reason. However, I checked out your site, did the minute hand back 2 hours, then forward at quarter hours, got the chimes back, and all is well. Can’t thank you enough for your valuable directions, and posting peoples helpful comments.

  57. Along with many others, I thank you! Our clock was chiming one hour earlier than it should have. Despite several days of trying with the Howard Miller book, I found you. We are now back in business! You saved us a service call, too!

  58. This is a brilliant, easy fix.
    Our family heirloom grandfather clock hasn’t chimed in years. It travelled 1,000 miles to my home and we had it professionally repaired but there was always an extra chime. I tried this fix and it worked right away.

  59. Happy New Year. My grandfather click has started striking 12 at 9.00 am & pm. At other times it strikes correctly. Would be grateful of any advice you could over. Thank you.

  60. Happy New Year. My grandfather clock has started striking 12 at 9.00 am & pm. All other times OK. Would appreciate advice. Thanks.

  61. I have a grandfather clock. The pendulum, dials, and chimes work, however the chimes are acting funny. When the clock strikes the hour the chimes do not count the hour, instead, the Westminster chime continues to repeat and play for 15 minutes (right before quarter-hour). Then it stops for about a minute and when the hand hits exactly on the quarter-hour mark it plays until right before the half-hour. Then on the half-hour, it continues to repeat for another fifteen minutes and the pattern continues. Why is this happening and why are the chimes playing the exact same thing on each quarter.

  62. My grandfather clock has an issue with the strike feature. The chimes are correct and all of the strikes on the hour are correct EXCEPT 12:00. It strikes once. So at 12:00 and 1:00 the clock strikes once. Can you help me fix this?

  63. Hi, it’s me again. I forgot a very important but necessary question. The hand nut is missing from my clock. On the web, I have ordered several nuts and all of them are too big. Is there a web shop that will send parts for a specific model?

  64. My clock only chimes ones on the hour and then the full chime on the half hour how do I get it to be the other way around thanks

  65. I just wanted to drop a note if sincere thanks for providing this information. I have had my mother’s Howard Miller grandfather clock (circa 1972), and despite having it serviced over the years, it would end up ceasing to run. The last time, I just left it and resigned myself to it being a decoration rather than a time piece. Imagine my surprise when we recently moved house across the state, set up the clock, and it started running! I figured it would lose time and quit in a day or so, but it didn’t! It was and is keeping perfect time. The only problem was the hour chimes were hours off. I did as you instructed, and they are back on track. Now the only thing wrong is the Westminster chime melody is very light on 2 notes. It seems the tension on those 2 chimes must be too light. I figure I will need to call a service to take a look, and it probably needs a good cleaning and oiling. OTOH, I’m sorta scared to disturb it whilst it’s working so well.

  66. Hi! I have a craft line grandfather clock. It was chiming on the wrong hour and I followed your instructions which completely fixed the issue. I am very thankful for this help! However, it’s been about a day now and I just realized the chimes are actually chiming five minutes early. The clock is keeping time just fine, and always the correct hour -it’s just chiming five minutes too soon. Is there a way to correct this? When I take the minute hand off it has a square hole which can only fit in the position it is it in or 10 minutes later. Thank you!

  67. This is not going to work for me, because it is only 3 that the clock can’t chime correctly (it chimes 2 at three oclock, but all other hours are correct).
    What is the fix for this?

    Thank you – Rowan

  68. At 7 AM my clock struck 19 times at 2 PM it’s truck 14 times it is acting like it is on a military 24 hour clock but I don’t have any levers for that as a choice. The last clock tick at 11 o’clock however was correct at 11 chimes. Alan says:

    At 7 AM my clock struck 19 times at 2 PM it’s truck 14 times it is acting like it is on a military 24 hour clock but I don’t have any levers for that as a choice. The last clock tick at 11 o’clock however was correct at 11 chimes.

  69. So, I moved the hour hand forward 4 hours to synch it with the chime…….. But now the clock is running 4 hours fast.

    So now what?

  70. Hi Chris,
    After you sync the chime to the hour…you now need to change the time on the time on the dial to the actual time it is where you are located. Most
    1) turn off the chime.
    2) turn the minute hand to the time it actually is.
    3) turn the chime back on and wait an hour or two for it to reset.

  71. I have a grandfather triple chime Herlme movement installed in 1971. Runs beautifully but in recent months the hour chime seems to decide how many times it chimes on any hour. From 5 or 6 to 25 or 30. what is wrong?

  72. My antique Mantle clock bought recently works beautifully except it continues to strike 9 times after 9 hour till 12 hour and settles down again at 1 hour. The quarter hour chimes are in total sync though with both west minister and Willington Chimes.. I’ve had it serviced, oiled and ridded it with all the gunk. Please advice.
    Mumbai, India

  73. We have a Howard Miller floor clock (grandfather clock) that is not working properly. The weight on the left hand side (when facing the clock) is coming down slower than the other two. The number of chimes do not match what time the clock is showing and the number of chimes only goes as high as 6. The hands appear to be keeping correct time. Purchase date is December of 2005.

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