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Moving your Grandfather Clock Forward One Hour in The Spring

Daylight Saving Time Adjustment for your Grandfather Clock

So it is time to move your Grandfather Clock ahead an hour for your Daylight Saving Time  Adjustment in the Spring. This is a quick maneuver to reset your time to daylight saving time in the Spring.

DO NOT move the hour hand, it will automatically adjust as the minute hand is turned.

minute hand on grandfather clock

Be careful not to move the hour hand by accident when passing over it with the minute hand.

1) Move the MINUTE HAND forward to the next quarter hour and you should hear a click and the chime will begin.

2) Once the chime has completed, go clockwise to the next quarter hour and stop and let the chime complete before progressing to the next quarter hour.

3) Continue the same being sure that your chime has fully completed before moving the minute hand to the next quarter hour.

Do this until your clock is at the correct time which should be one hour ahead in the Spring.

That is all you need to do to move the clock up an hour. Using this method, you will not need to wait an hour for the chimes to sync. They will sync perfectly. Always do wait for the chime to complete prior to moving the minute hand to the next quarter hour.

That is all there is to it! It should only take a minute or so to update the time on your clock.