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My mother is ecstatic with the clock

Thank you for all your help on the clock.!
The clock arrived safely this early afternoon, just as you promised, and my mother is ecstatic with the clock!
She is so tickled to hear that chime every 15 minutes and commented on what a thoughtful gift it was!
Robbie W.
Clarksville, VA
Chiming Wall Clocks

ecstatic with the clock - River City 7100 Chiming Wall Clock

River City 7100 Chiming Wall Clock

River City Chiming Wall Clock

The new River City Chiming wall clock has a solid Oak frame with a medium brown stain. This is one of the few chiming clocks that also has a second hand. The large Arabic numerals are easy to read with black, spade hands to mark the time across a light ivory paper dial concealed behind a glass crystal. This clock has a new type of movement that uses a recording of a very expensive Grandfather Clock that is produced Digitally and sounds fantastic. You can see the clocks that use this movement by typing the search term ” harmonic ” in the search box at the top left of the homepage.
This movement offers the traditional Westminster, Bim-Bam, Ave Maria chimes.
There is also a link to listen to the chime on each of the product detail pages of that page. The new movement is found on River City Clock, Howard Miller Clocks, Rhythm Clock and many others.