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Seiko QHN006GLH Anniversary Clock Instructions

Seiko QHN006GLH Anniversary Clock Instructions


After removing the clock from the carton, place the glass dome off to the side where it will not be accidentally broken.

Carefully remove the top back gold cover by holding the dial with one hand while pulling back the small tab at the top of the back cover.

This is where you set the time and install your time battery.




Install the single “AA” battery in the top with the PLUS+ polarity to the left as shown.

set the time with the time-setting wheel just above the battery by turning it either way so the hands are at the correct time.

Take the back cover and align the tabs on the cover with the clasps on each side of the battery movement.  You can slightly push it closed and it will snap in place.


Install the other “AA” battery in the bottom by removing the bottom battery cover and insert the battery with the + (positive) end as shown. This battery powers the rotating pendulum.



Set the clock upright and remove the clip that holds the pendulum so it may turn. Change your batteries once a year for optimum performance.  Carefully set the glass dome back over the top and onto the base.