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Ship’s Bell Clock Plaque Mounting Instructions

Ship’s Bell Clock Plaque Mounting Instructions

  1. If your clock is new, unpack the clock as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

  2. Once the clock is unpacked and setup…set it aside.

  3. You will need a screwhead from a #10 screw coming out from the wall about 4 – 5mm (see figure A) extruding from the wall just enough for the plaque to hug “snug” to the wall but not tight. Do not remove the sleeve away from the velcro yet. ships-bell-plaque-mounting-method

  4. Remove the four screws from the plaque, and mount the clock to the plaque being sure the TOP of the clock is correct.

  5. . Never over-tighten the screws, as this may damage the clock finish.ships-bell-plaque6. Remove the velcro cover and place the exposed screwhead unto the hole and carefully slide downward, trying not to let the velcro touch the wall until the screw is at the top.

  6.  Check the dial to ensure it is even, and then press the bottom of the base so the velcro will adhere to the wall and so the clock will not move back and forth at the bottom.