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Thank You For Shipping My Clock So Quickly

Thank you for shipping my Bulova anniversary clock

Bulova anniversary clock

Hello Robert,

Just a note to say thank you for shipping and processing my order so quickly. It was delivered today 10/18/2011.

Next month my husband and I will have been married twenty-five years. The mantle clock we had was an “cheepy” and about 20 years old.
It passed on to wherever dead clocks go over the summer. I hope he’ll like the replacement.

I was especially glad to find this clock at a reasonable price and in North Carolina to boot! I have a special place in my heart for anything

North Carolinian since it’s where my mother was born, and now all of my siblings live there; one in “little” Washington and the other in Newport.

I have many friends in your area as well, and will recommend The Clock Depot to them.

Thanks again,

Sarah C.
Maryland, Bulova Clocks

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