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Thanks for your excellent customer service

Thanks for your service - Anniversary Clock 9578-W

Thanks for your excellent customer service with our anniversary clock, Robert.

The clock you sent us is working perfectly, just as you predicted!
It is still keeping perfect time and the pendulum balls are spinning convincingly.
Either way, we will be contacting you for our next clock, whether at the office or at home.

Thanks again for being so helpful!

Howard A.
Plano, TX

Anniversary Clocks at The Clock Depot

Most of the anniversary clocks offer a metal base and German crystal glass dome. Cathedral-sound chimes on the chiming clocks with quarter-hour chime & hourly strike. Plays Westminster chimes every quarter hour with strike. Switch to Bim Bam (ding-dong) Chimes with half hour chime or “Chime Off” easily. Includes programmable automatic nighttime chime reduction switch. Two-year warranty and Free Shipping

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