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American Made Wall Clocks

The Clock Depot offers a complete category of American made wall clocks. These are all wood Wall Clocks made in the USA.  Most are pendulum clocks with chiming features and are available as both quartz wall clocks and keywound wall clocks.  Most of these wall clocks are made in in Zeeland Michigan by craftsman that have built wall clocks in this same location over 80 years.

The Quartz Wall Clocks made in the USA are those that are battery operated and do not need winding.  The batteries power these clocks for well over a year at a time and offer swinging pendulums and electronic chimes. The battery powered chime modules are imported as there is no manufacturer in the US for these electronic parts.  The cases, dials and glass are all built and assembled in the United States.

The Key-wound Wall Clocks made in the USA are wound once a week and also offer the same warm lacquer finishes as the Quartz wall clocks. The movements for the key-wound clocks are German made and then assembled into the wall clock made in USA.  They need to be wound once per week to power the clock and chimes. Keywound wall clocks made in USA are more expensive than the Quartz wall clocks made in USA because of the mechanical movement inside the clock.  A single movement alone for this type of clock may cost $300.00 – $400.00.  The basis design of the movements is not too different from the way they were made over a century ago and many of those older clocks are still in service today.

You may view all of the Wall Clocks Made in USA here:

Wall Clocks Made in USA

Wall Clocks Made in USA