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Howard Miller 86th Anniversary Edition Grandfather Clocks

Howard Miller grandfather clocks has introduced their new 86th anniversary grandfather clocks for 2012 . The Howard Miller Beckett 611-194 Grandfather Clock comes in Cherry and the Howard Miller Kinsley 611-196 Grandfather Clock is in Oak. Both of these grandfather clocks will have a special 86th anniversary edition inscription across the hemispheres on the moon dial. This inscription will appear only on clocks purchased through early winter of 2012.

Both grandfather clocks offer some unique features which include an “Open center Dial”. The center of the dials are open to expose the gears in the brass German movement in the clock and the second hand complication is set to a gear which in motion as long as the pendulum is swinging. There is an interior light mounted to the inside of the door that will illuminate the special dial above the light and bathe the weights and pendulum with a soft light when used in the evening hours. Crystal cut glass door panels and all upper and lower side glass is heavily beveled.

86th Anniversary Grandfather Clocks

86th Anniversary Grandfather Clocks

Both clocks have a Cable-driven, Kieninger movement with Westminster chimes and also feature an automatic nighttime chime shut-off switch to turn off the chimes of the clock between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM without have to touch the grandfather clock.

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Howard Miller Beckett Grandfather Clock in Cherry

Howard Miller Kinsley Grandfather Clock in Oak

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