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Beware of Grandfather Clock Shaped Objects

Recently there has been a plethora of Big grandfather clocks that are very cheaply priced coming from China which should not be considered as a real grandfather clock. Lots of different names can be found for these clocks. These clocks are made in China and may look like a grandfather clock, but are have very poorly made cabinets and the movements in the clock are worse. You can usually tell very quickly as it will probably say “Tempus Fugit” at the top of the dial and may also display the words 31 day movement on the dial. I have seen grandfather clocks like this at disposal retailers. There are usually two weights hanging in the body which are fake and do nothing. These grandfather clocks are spring powered instead of using weights to power the clock. When the spring goes, the clock is useless. These clocks are also much smaller in scale when you compare it to a real grandfather clock.

Do not waste your money unless you wish to have a very short term clock that you will probably have to dispose of in a very short time. Plan to invest about 1800.00 or more for a real grandfather clock that will last generations instead of a few years.

The Clock Depot offers Grandfather Clocks with movements made in Germany at 30% off and more that may be delivered at no additional cost anywhere in the cont. US.

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