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Buying Grandfather Clocks Online

Buying Grandfather Clocks Online

The Clock Depot is a real clock shop with a staff that only specializes in clocks with probably the largest online presence in the country. More grandfather clocks for sale in North Carolina than anywhere else. If you call us at 1-866-402-8714 between 10:00AM – 6:00PM, we will be glad to answer any questions for you. No voice mail or call centers. You work directly with the owners. We assure you satisfaction. Our store is open 6 days a week where we have over 40 floor clocks and over 1500 wall, mantel and table clocks in stock. We will be glad to open any clock not on display for your inspection.

1) We are a real clock shop with an outlet store in Durham, NC, not a home-based business, a phone bank of operators, an internet marketing firm or a furniture store.
We are a family business with 3 generations in the same location.

2) We are an Authorized Howard Miller dealer so your warranty is valid.

3) We prepay all of our clocks in bulk to assure a better selection and our selections ship more quickly for you. We are a debt-free company. If some other company is on credit hold with their manufacturer, no clock will ship to you. All of our purchases are done in advance so they ship immediately.

4) We charge a credit card only when the clock ships or is close to being delivered,  not when you make the order.

5) Our Prices are the lowest allowed online by Howard Miller… anywhere for factory perfect clocks.

6) We do not sell “B” stock, repackaged factory returns or factory seconds.

7) We extend your warranty at no additional cost to cover any adjustments that might not cause your clock to function properly. These adjustments are not covered under the Howard Miller warranty. The clocks we deliver are pre-regulated better than factory clocks.

7) **NO RESTOCKING FEES** Most companies charge as much as 15% for restocking in the event of a return as they usually have no showroom to return the clock. In the event of a return, just call us within 7 days of receipt and we only ask the customer to accept the real, actual cost of all shipping.

9) We have a video available for setup and how to unpack your clock or you may choose to view the online video at anytime online here.

10) If you need additional help for setup, just call us toll free and we can walk you through the steps. It is easy to set up the clock the first time.

11) Your privacy is important and we do not market or sell any information about our customers.

12) If any of our customers should lose a clock key, manual or accessory to a grandfather clock, we will provide a replacement at no charge.  We have the manuals for the floor clocks available to download. You can download the manual by clicking here. You may print it immediately. You might say “we wrote the book”.

13) If you are unsure about a finish or style for your home, we will email you a high resolution image of the grandfather clocks you are considering where you may see the detail of the cabinet and finish.

14) If you encounter a problem with an adjustment on a clock where it may not be chiming properly or any normal adjustment, we will have a technician repair it at no cost within 30 days of setup if a technician is available within an hour driving distance. We have hundreds of technicians available across the country available and certified by Howard Miller. If you would like to see if one is available in your area, call us and we can tell you in minutes. Many of these adjustments are not covered under warranty, but we will take care of you.

15)  If you live in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and the Washington, DC area we may be able to deliver and set up your clock at no additional cost.
Please call us at Toll Free at 866-402-8714 and we can explain the arrangements and what areas are covered.
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