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Chiming Owners Manual for The New England Company Clock

Chiming Quartz Movement Instructions

a) Release the pendulum guide (for pendulum movements only) from the transport-locking pin by gently pushing it sideways, allowing the guide to hang freely. Hang the pendulum on the pendulum guide.
b) If the speaker is mounted directly to the quartz movement, the speaker will need to be temporarily removed in order to install the batteries. Grasp around the outer edges of the speaker with your fingers and pull gently. Care should be taken not to damage the center of the speaker. Replace the speaker after the batteries have been installed and chime selection options are set.
Install two “C” size Duracell alkaline batteries according to the + / – symbols in the battery holders. NOTE: Eveready batteries under the brand name Energizer have a non-conductive ring on the negative contact which may prevent the battery from making a proper electrical connection. Duracell alkaline batteries will function properly as per this Chiming Owners Manual.

Adjust the time by using the minute hand or the Time Setting knob. Never turn the hour hand to set the time as it will turn automatically with the minute hand. Turn the Time Setting knob or move the minute hand (AFTER the batteries have been installed) so that the hands rotate clockwise. When setting the time, the clock will not chime at the quarter hour positions.
When manually setting the time, the clock may chime a few minutes before or after the hour – this will automatically be corrected during the first hour of normal operation. The clock may also chime out of sequence during the first hour of operation. After setting to the correct time, it is important that the clock movement be allowed to operate for at least one hour for the chime sequence to become fully functional. The quartz movement is highly accurate and has been adjusted at the factory for precise time keeping.

Use the switch with the symbols OFF, WEST, and MELODY2 to select the chime melody according to the following settings:
OFF = Silent WEST = Westminster melody and full hour strike MELODY2 = Ave Maria melody and full hour strike

The volume of the chime can be modified by turning the Volume Control knob.

The movement has automatic nighttime volume shut-off or volume reduction options for a period of eight (8) hours after the switch is moved to the shut-off or volume reductions positions. This feature will automatically repeat at the same time every 24 hours. Use the switch with the symbols to select chime silencing according to the following settings:


This movement features a 4/4 chime melody. The movement plays 1/4 of the melody at quarter past the hour, 1/2 the melody at half past the hour, 3/4 of the melody at three-quarters past the hour and the full melody on the hour. Following the melody on the hour is the count hour strike. Slide the 4/4 Chime Selection switch to the 1/1 position to only play the full melody and hour strike without any quarter hour chime. Slide the 4/4 Chime Selection switch to the 4/4 position to play the melody at every quarter hour as previously described. If the clock begins to lose time, chime weakens, or pendulum stops to swing, this is the sign of weak or exhausted batteries. Replace the batteries with 2 fresh “C’ size Duracell alkaline batteries when chime is erratic or time varies. This is usually well after a year of operation.

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