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Clock Owners Manuals

Clock Owners Manuals

Updated 10-16-2022
We are starting to publish links to all of the clock and Grandfather clock manuals we have available on this page. Some of these publications are the original, factory manuals and many we have enhanced to make it easier to understand. We have also included many help files with information not displayed in the manuals to help you better understand and enjoy your clock.


Grandfather Clock Owners Manuals

These manuals were derived from the original manuals for these manufacturers of Grandfather Clocks.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Manual

Howard Miller Dual Chime Quartz Floor Clock Instructions

Howard Miller Quartz Triple Chime Harmonic Movement Instructions

Grandfather Clock Quick Setup Guide

Bulova Grandfather Clocks Manual

Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks Manual

Sligh Grandfather Clocks Manual

Sligh Aaron / Simon Willard Floor Clock Instructions

Quartz Chiming Clock Owners Manuals (battery operated wall clocks and mantel clocks)

Hermle Quartz 2115 or 2114 Movement Manual

Hermle New 2114-N Quartz Movement for 2015

Howard Miller Quartz, Dual Chime Instructions

Quartz Harmonic Movement Instructions (found on many Miller, Hermle, Bulova, and Rhythm clocks)

Bulova Harmonic II Owners Manual

Bulova Harmonic III Owners Manual

Seiko Clock Quartz Westminster  – Whittington Manual

Howard Miller Quartz Mantel Clock With Rotating Pendulum And Hourly Westminster Melody

Howard Miller Westminster Melody Mantel Clocks (635-100,  635-101, 635-123, 635-121)

Howard Miller 4AA Westminster Melody Clocks (625-628, 625-595, 625-603, 635-186)

Howard Miller 3AA Lakeside Salem Mantel Clocks 635-223 635-226

Howard Miller Christmas Clock  Instructions (645-424, 645-687)

Howard Miller Crystal Clock Insert Instructions

Rhythm Musical Motion Wall Clock Instructions

Keywound Mantel Clock Manuals

Howard Miller Keywound Mantel Clock Manual

Hermle Keywound Westminster Clock Manual

Atomic Clocks Manuals

analog clocks (with hands)

Atomic Clocks Manual – (Analog clock with hands)

Howard Miller Analog Atomic Clock Manual (used on most current model Howard Miller atomic clocks)

atomic clocks with an LCD display 

Howard Miller Techtime Atomic Clock Manual 625-235 or 625-236 with LCD Screen

Seiko QHR020WLH Rwave LCD Owners Manual

Seiko QHR024SLH Rwave LCD Instructions (page 1) ( page 2)

Seiko QHR025SLH Manual Setup Instructions

Seiko QXR131SLH Atomic Clock Instructions

World Time Clock Manuals

World Time Clock with Moving Dial Instructions
(printer friendly version – PDF)

Howard Miller 645-723 Instructions

Bulova B2258 World Clock with Moving Inner Dial 

Seiko QHG106 World Time Clock Instructions

Anniversary Clock Manuals (battery operated)

Loricron “W” Series Anniversary Clocks

Loricron “D” Series Anniversary Clocks

Wall Clocks

How to Properly Hang Your Wall Clock

Howard Miller Auto-Daylight Savings Time Clocks (non-atomic or radio controlled)

How to replace your movement in a large wall clocks

Wall Clocks: Keywound, Weight Driven Wall Clocks

Howard Miller Keywound Wall Clock Manual

Hermle Weight Driven Wall Regulators with Quarter Hour Westminster Chime

Hermle Keywound Wall Clock Instructions

Howard Miller 622-779 Installation and setup Instructions

Hermle Bell Strike Neasden Weight Powered Wall Clock

Weather and Maritime Clocks

Hermle 35065-000132 Keywound Ships Bell Clock Instructions

Quartz Time and Tide Clock Instructions

Quartz Tide Only Clock Instructions

Howard Miller Chronometer Instructions

Aneroid Barometer Instructions

Clocks with LCD Display

Howard Miller Newton 645-707 Instructions

Seiko QHR024SLH Instructions (page 1) ( page 2)

Rhythm LCT076NR02-03 Alarm Clock

Miscellaneous Manuals

Wood Care

Hermle W0141 Half Hour Strike Manual

Hermle Multifuction Time /Day / Date Clock Operating Instructions

Howard Miller Songbird Clock Owners Instruction

Changing the Battery In Your Clock Insert in a Desk or Table Clock

How to install a high torque movement in a large Quartz Wall Clock

Cuckoo Clocks

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Manual (for Cuckoo Clock sold by the Clock Depot)

Cuckoo Clock Owners Guide

Hermle Quartz Cuckoo Clock Guide

Alarm Clocks

Howard Miller Alarm Clocks with Illuminated Dials

Howard Miller Single Post – Push-Pull Alarm clocks

Musical Clocks that play Songs

Bulova Holiday Sounds Xmas Clock

Howard Miller 645-424 Instructions


We have posted manuals for the clocks we have offered since 2002. We do not have any manuals for older clocks or clocks we have never seen or sold. 

7 responses on Clock Owners Manuals

    1. Hi Earl,
      The manual which was used for your Grandfather clock can be downloaded at:

      There are instructions there on how to speed up or slow your clock, but if you wish to view enhanced instructions on that issue, please go to the following page

      This will solve your issues.

      Thank You!

  1. Hello,
    I recently inherited a beautiful 50 year old Dunhaven Tambour Mantle clock (7-day key wind with Westminster chimes). It’s running fine so far but seems a bit stiff to wind. I’m concerned about how much pressure to exert for fear of “over winding” or otherwise messing up the mechanism. Do you happen to have instructions for this clock? Thank you!

    1. Hi Sharon…You should be able to wind the clock until it becomes uncomfortably to go any farther. Most clocks cannot be over-wound, but some older clocks do not like to be wound very tight. Wind it as far as you feel comfortable and see how many days you get from that wind on your clock. If you only get three or four days it is not being wound far enough or you could just wind the clock twice a week and not worry about it.
      Thank You…Robert

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