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Grandfather Clocks are for Offices Too!

Grandfather clocks make a statement about the owner when seen in any home whether the clock greets one in the foyer or in a living area. The opportunity to make such a statement in an office setting is often neglected.

A grandfather clock or floor clock in an office setting is impressive to new clients, customers or visitors in any type of business. The chime is not loud as to bother employees or guests, but the chime may be turned off simply by the movement of a lever on the dial of the clock.

Grandfather Clocks are for Offices

Howard Miller Coco in an office setting in Charlotte, NC

The grandfather clock shown is one selected by an interior designer for a brokerage firm in Charlotte, NC. The clock welcomes every guest that enters the business in the tastefully decorated lobby enhancing their experience. In this setting the clock takes less room than a small table or plant stand and takes advantage to fill the vertical space to create a focal point in this setting. Yes, Grandfather Clocks are for Offices too.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks are available from The Clock Depot where you may read more about this handsome grandfather clock.

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