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Howard Miller 645-405 Owners Manual


IMPORTANT! The following instructions must be followed exactly to ensure that the correct bird melody is played each hour.


  1. If they are installed, remove the batteries from the clock.
  2. Turn the hand set button on the back of the clock until the clock hands are set to 5:50.
  3.  Insert 3 “AA” size batteries (alkaline recommended) in the battery holders on the back of the clock. Make  sure the (+) and (-) symbols on the batteries match  those in the holders
  4.  Turn the hand set button counterclockwise, so that the hands move in a clockwise direction, until the clock is set to the correct time. It is important that the hands be turned in a clockwise direction only, to ensure that the correct bird melody is heard each hour.  NOTE: There is a test button on the back of the clock just above the movement. Each time this button is pressed the chime advances to the next bird melody. If this button is pressed, you will need to follow the above instructions to reset the clock. Otherwise, press the button as many times necessary to advance to the correct bird melody to  correspond with the position of the hour hand.



This clock has an automatic nighttime volume reduction feature controlled by a light sensor located just above the “12″ position. The volume of the melody is automatically reduced as the light in the room dims.



When the timekeeping becomes erratic or the bird melodies abnormal, it is usually the sign of weak or exhausted batteries.

**When replacing the batteries follow the instructions given above for SETTING THE TIME.


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