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Howard Miller Mantel Clock Time Adjustment

Howard Miller Mantel Clock Time Adjustment

If your clock is running slow….move lever UP

If your clock is running fast….move lever DOWN

**move the lever very little at a time. A very small change will make a difference. It will usually take a full day for the spring to relax or tensioned into the new position and speed up or slow down the clock. Remember to have your clock oiled and cleaned ever 5 – 7 years.  Grime will build up slowing the clock.


The time adjustment lever is part of the Platform Escapement. The lever protrudes out of a clear plastic protective casing. This helps prevent dust from interfering with the escapement. The platform escapement is the most sensitive part of the mantel clock movement.  The spring should never be touched and oiling could ruin this part. If this is an older clock and the wheel isn’t turning back and forth quickly, you may carefully pull out the clear cover and very, very carefully and quickly move the wheel about 1/4″ in either direction and the wheel may start moving again.