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High Torque Movement Installation Instructions for Large Wall Clocks

High Torque Movement Installation Instructions for Large Wall Clocks

1. Remove the paper backing from one side of the Adhesive Foam Tape (included) and apply to the front
of the Movement. Then remove the paper backing from the exposed side of the Adhesive Foam Tape.

2. With the battery compartment in the UP position as shown, pointed towards 12:00 on the Dial, attach
the Movement to the back of the Dial.

3. Place the Metal Washer between the front of the Dial and the Mounting Nut.

4. Tighten the Mounting Nut snug, not tight.

5. Temporarily place the Minute Hand on the Movement and rotate the Minute Hand clock-wise until it is pointing at the “12:00” position. Lift the Minute Hand straight off.

6. With the Hour Hand pointed at the “12:00” position, apply pressure to the back of the Movement and equal pressure to attach the Hour Hand. Press the Hour Hand straight onto the hour shaft until it is firmly in place.

CAUTION: DO NOT rotate the Hour Hand from the front of the Dial. Doing so will likely damage gears
inside the Movement. To re-adjust the Hour Hand, remove it and follow Step 6.

7. Attach the Minute Hand at 12:00.

8. While holding the Minute Hand to prevent it from rotating, HAND tighten the Hand Nut until hand tight.

9. Using the Hand Set Knob, slightly advance the Hands to ensure they do not cross or rub the Dial or glass.

**make sure the hands are not touching anywhere during a full 12-hour cycle.  Adjust by slightly bending the hands near the center post where they are attached as necessary.

10. Insert a fresh alkaline battery into your Movement (observing +/- polarity markings) and set the correct
time with the Hand Set Knob.

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Hand design for Large Wall Clocks:

The hands of a Quartz large wall clock need to be very light so a battery-powered movement can push the hands up between 6:00 – 12:00 and keep the hand from falling between 12:00 to 6:00.  At first sight, many feel the hands are “flimsy”.  They have to be light and flexible so they can also be easily bent by hand at the center to make sure the hands do not touch within a 12-hour cycle. If the hands of a large wall clock were heavy, the clock would not work at all. The wall clock would probably read close to 6:30 all of the time where gravity is pulling down on the heavy hands making them point downward.

Installing and Adjusting the hands on a Large Wall Clock:

large wall clock hands







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