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New Presidential Series Grandfather Clock

New Presidential Series Grandfather Clock

New Howard Miller Coolidge Grandfather Clock


The Howard Miller has recently introduced the newest grandfather clock within their presidential grandfather clock series. The Howard Miller Coolidge offers many of the same features and styling as some of their more popular clocks on a much grander scale. This grandfather clock offers an all hardwood case with a dual door design, separate doors for the lower cabinet and

Howard Miller Coolidge 611-180 Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller Coolidge 611-180 Presidential Grandfather Clock

dial. The dial has applied numerals and cast corner and center ornaments instead of stamping a pattern into the dial. The glass panels are beveled on the lower door, side access panels and the long side panels of this grandfather clock. The side access panels are also hinged to allow quick access. The stepped base includes a Olive Ash Burl overlay which has been bookmatched with carved ornaments on the sides of the base. The oval front door panel is reminiscent of the smaller Howard Miller Stewart and Robinson grandfather clock which has been some of their best sellers for years.

The movement inside the clock is the Keininger triple chime movement made in Germany. This movement has three melodies for the chimes which offer Chime Silent, Westminster Chime, Whittington Chime and St Michael’s Chimes which one would select by moving a lever on the right hand side of the dial of the grandfather clock. On the left hand side of the dial you may select Hour Count Chime Silent, night time silent or hour count always on. This grandfather clock also has a functional moon dial the the top of the dial to indicate the lunar phase / position.

This new grandfather clock is available through The Clock Depot and can been see by clicking here. Delivery is included to any location in the cont. United States. This grandfather clock also has a two year warranty with a network of technicians nationwide. Truly an heirloom purchase for generations.

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