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New Quartz Wall Clock with Real Chime Rods

Real Mechanical Chimes in a New Quartz Wall Clock

Rhythm clocks has introduced a new schoolhouse clock with a battery operated, quartz movement that counts the hour using real chime hammers and chime rods.  Rhythm chose a traditional schoolhouse design in cherry with a hinged glass dial cover. The time can be adjusted by opening the hinged dial and moving the minute hand to the correct time without having to take the clock off of the wall. Large Arabic numerals with a convex crystal make the clock easy to read from a long distance.

On the hour this new quartz wall clock will count the hour with the traditional two tone, BimBam melody. The clock will play once on the half hour.  The swinging pendulum is of a nice length and is silent.  The quartz movement keeps excellent time and is very quiet without any loud ticking you may hear if you are near the clock.

If you like the acoustic sound of real chime rods and a nice case, this clock may be for you!

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New Quartz Wall Clock  - Rhythm Colonial Chiming Wall Clock

Rhythm Colonial Chiming Wall Clock

anywhere within the cont. United States.

You may view or purchase the clock at the following link:

Rhythm clocks Chiming Schoolhouse Clock

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