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The Clock Depot is moving Grandfather Clocks to new location

Moving to New Location in Durham

We moved to our Chapel Hill Blvd address in Durham to expand the number of grandfather clocks we had on display. Now we need additional space.

The Clock Depot will moving to their new 4000 square foot showroom in Durham, NC  in late 2012 where we will have over twice as much room to display grandfather clocks and we will stock over 2000 table clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks and Grandfather Clocks. This will be the largest display of clocks on the eastern seaboard.
Moving the grandfather clock collectionThe new locations additional space will allow to expand the number of grandfather clocks and wall clocks we will be allowed to display. We will open with a display of over 40 grandfather clocks including a few rare pre-owned grandfather clocks that are very difficult to find.

We will carry both alarm and table clocks by the hundreds which will stay boxed, but are gladly opened for any interested customers.

New Location as of mid April 2012:
The Clock Depot
3400 Westgate Dr B11
Durham, NC 27707


Come visit or call us for any needs or questions about any clock we carry.
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