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Ward was full of praise for your packaging

Dear Robert,

Once again we would like to “Thank You” for all of your help in getting the grandfather clock shipped. It arrived safe and sound on New Years Eve and upon your recommendation, we had Ward from Heirloom clocks come out to hook it all up in mid-January.  Ward was full of praise for the packaging you had done to ensure a safe shipment and grateful for the little hooks.

The clock chimes every fifteen minutes bringing music and memories to our homes and gongs on the hour. We know this is in part  to your care and so thank you!

May 2014 bring happiness to you and yours!

Dorann and Michael

Grandfather Clock delivered to Seattle, Wa

the text above was taken from the following written card from one of our grandfather clock customers.

A note from one of our clock customers

A note from one of our clock customers











The Clock Depot ships grandfather clocks purchased from us to our customers anywhere in the continental United States. We are able to deliver grandfather clocks and provide special services to customers on the middle Atlantic Coast. Call us for details.