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Which is better: A Howard Miller grandfather clock or a Ridgeway grandfather clock?

Howard Miller Clocks vs Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks

Is the Howard Miller grandfather clock better than a Ridgeway grandfather clock? A while back the answer would have been a definite yes, but things do change.

Ridgeway clocks were originally built by the Gravely Furniture Co in Virginia until sold to the Pulaski Furniture Co in the late 80s . The Pulaski Furniture Co was nearly a half-century old at the time.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks add character to any setting

Howard Miller Clock purchased Ridgeway Clocks in 2004 and clock production was shifted to Michigan and the Ridgeway clocks are now built side by side the Howard Miller clocks, but the Martinsville, Va factory continued to produce curios and other furniture for several years. Ridgeway had an 81-year history in Martinsville, Va.

Howard Miller officials said the “state of the art” Zeeland plant in Michigan offered increased efficiencies and said all product groups within the company would benefit. The Howard Miller factory in Zeeland, Mich uses the most modern techniques in quality manufacturing. All wood cuts for cases are cut by computer numeric control. Every part for every case is exactly as the last increasing the level of consistency across the product lines. The gluing for the cases is done by a Radio Frequency method making a much stronger joint than air curing. This was a great benefit to the Ridgeway clocks which previously was built with considerably more primitive machinery.

The Ridgeway grandfather clocks today are built with the same high quality parts and machinery that Howard Miller had been using for years. Today the Ridgeway clock has reached the same level of high quality as the Howard Miller grandfather clocks have been accustom for many years. Both now use German made Kieninger movements which previously was exclusive to Howard Miller grandfather clocks.

The styles between the two brands can be quite different when comparing a Ridgeway clock to a Howard Miller. Look for the style and finish that best suits your decor. The quality of both brands are now identical with a high level of integrity and both carry a strong two year warranty of all of their grandfather clocks.

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